Donations & Merchandise

ope 4 Lives Wristband

Make a $5.00 donation 

Then we will send you a adult size H4L wristband.

Hope 4 Lives Wristband

Hope 4 Lives Car Magnet

Make a $5.00 donation
Then we will send you a Car Magnet.

Hope 4 Lives Car Magnet

Hope 4 Lives 2 Bands and Magnet Combo

Make a $10.00 donation
Then we will send you Two 3/4" wrist bands and a Car magnet

Two 3/4" Inch Bands and a Car Magnet

Change Someone's Life with a cash donation

If you would like change someone's life with a cash donation. 
Here is your chance to do so.

Join The Fight! with a Cash Donation

3/4" Inch Wrist Band

$5.00 donation
for one 3/4" wrist band

3/4" Inch wrist bands